This Data Privacy Notice describes the collection and further processing of personal data by companies of the ROMILT US and its affiliates (together ROMILT UK)


In the event that the activities covered by this notice are governed by other data protection policies, are evident from the circumstances, or are governed by applicable laws outside of the European Union and the European Economic Area, then such applicable law and resulting policies shall control. The term personal data shall include all information relating to an identified or identifiable person.

This Data Privacy Notice describes in Section I processing of personal data by ROMILT in general. Section II contains specific provisions for specific applications (e.g. online-shop, newsletter and banner advertisement) and Section III contains specific provisions for customer programs.

If you provide ROMILT with personal data of other persons, for example data about the receiver of a gift, please provide their personal data to ROMILT only if you are allowed to do so pursuant to applicable data protection laws and only if the other person would agree to you providing its personal data to ROMILT for the purposes the data are collected and the processing of its personal data according to our data privacy notice.

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